human environment

  1. project

    Mosque Almelo

    Proposal by IAA Architects for the new Almelo mosque in a limited design competition.

  2. newsitem

    Redevelopment Thedingsweert site completed

    In Kerk Avezaath near Tiel lies 's Heeren Loo's small residential care park Thedingsweert. People between the ages of 19 and 35 with a mild to severe mental handicap live here. The demolition of the centrally …

  3. newsitem

    Update new construction Altingerhof 104

    The contractors are in full swing with the construction of the new Altingerhof on the Molenstraat in Beilen. The four buildings of care organisation Icare are aimed at small-scale care with space for 80 residents, …

  4. project

    Elver Kemperbergerweg

    In the coming years, care organisation Elver will invest millions in the replacement of hundreds of homes for mentally disabled residents at locations in the Achterhoek, Liemers and Arnhem. The current housing stock …

  5. project

    's Heeren Loo

    IAA Architecten believes that everyone should be able to live as normally as possible, including in the care sector. This is summarized with the words Like home. In the care for the disabled, clients often stay in …

  6. project

    't Haarhuus

    In just 50 years, 't Haarhuus in Westerhaar has grown from a nursing home on the P.M. Hackstraat into a contemporary residential care complex on the Oranjestraat. The new complex consists of two buildings with a …

  7. project

    The Zonnestraal

    Residential care centre De Zonnestraal is a joint project of housing corporation WBO Wonen and health care institution Sint Maarten which was conducted in order to be able to cope with the ageing population in the De …