Opening child centre 's Heeren Loo In Ermelo

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Yesterday the Child Centre was officially opened on the grounds of ’s Heeren Loo in Ermelo. Together with the completely renovated Oude School, the Child Centre forms the beating heart of the care park.


The Child Centre consists of a residential building and a daytime activity centre and is a unique concept in the field of care. The Child Centre is home to the Observatiehuis and the Trekvogels. Parents and children can come to the Observatiehuis with questions about diagnostics, research and treatment. Various specialists work together to determine the care needed, so that children and young people alike ultimately receive the best possible care.

The Trekvogels is a combination of school and daytime activity centre. Children with severe disabilities do not receive education but they are still subject to compulsory schooling. In the case of Trekvogels, children under the age of 18 are given this opportunity. The curriculum is custom-made for each child in coordination with with ZMLK-school De Lelie.

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