Renovation of surgery complex hospital Bethesda in Hoogeveen

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At the start of 2018, the renovation of the Treant Zorggroep Bethesda hospital's out-of-date surgery centre will commence. IAA Architecten has made a design for four new surgery rooms with separate clean rooms, bed parking spaces, a wash room and a number of workstations. In a construction team with, among others, Strukton Worksphere, two surgery rooms will be realised in an expansion building above the department of Radiology, the two others will be placed on the site of the current surgery rooms.


The construction of separate clean rooms makes it possible to make better use of the surgery complex so that the five existing surgery rooms can be replaced by four new surgery rooms. The work will take place in phases so that the existing surgery complex can remain in use during the renovation. The delivery of the last surgery room is expected to be in mid-2019.

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