Meticulous & Reliable

  1. cooperating
  2. BIM
  3. meticulous and reliable

IAA Architects (the Engineers, Architects Association) was born out of a merger between a construction consultancy and an architect office in 1968. Through our expertise and emphatic approach are the foundation of many long-standing business relationships that have been established since the founding of IAA Architects, nearly 50 years ago now.

Over 60 employees design in a multidisciplinary and expert way. In this process, the use of Revit, BIM and Virtual Reality is just as self-evident as designing cost-consciously and project realisation within the planned period.

It is important to IAA Architects to complete projects on time and within the budget. To ensure that we can adhere to this, every design proposal is reviewed by our cost expert at regular intervals. Moreover, our specifier ensures that the quality of the building works is guaranteed on a constructional contract level. We know how to work out projects to the minutest detail, while at the same time monitoring the general overview. We don't act out of one single discipline, but apply all possible perspectives. This way, we can even assist you during construction by providing you with your very own supervisors. This bundling of all work steps and optimal construction supervision from design to delivery, all under the same roof, plus the organisation of workflows with modern communication structures have led to the award of quality management seal ISO9001.