operating room complex

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    New operating rooms Bethesda hospital

    From Monday 6 May 2019, the first patient can be operated in the new operating complex of the Treant Care Group's Bethesda hospital in Hoogeveen. The first phase of the renovation has been completed and two new …

  2. project

    Medisch Spectrum Twente

    On 2 January 2016 the new MST Enschede was completed. A large new top clinical hospital complex in the middle of the city centre of Enschede, built according to the latest socio-psychological and technical insights.

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    Westflank VUmc

    Since 2013, De Westflank building has been situated on the grounds of the academic medical centre of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Vumc). The building forms the joint accommodation for the VUmc emergency …