Tracy Metz calls IAA Architects trendsetters in care-architecture

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On Tuesday, May 15, 2018, Tracy Metz discussed the candidates for the BNA Prize Best building of the Year, the Dutch architecture prize that offers added value to clients and society, in the programme Spraakmakers . She named the entries Emergency Care in Leeuwarden and MST Oldenzaal as trendsetters in healthcare architecture.

Tracy Metz: 'I still have a few favourites that I would have liked to have included myself if I had been on the jury. Also because I think they represent important trends. Harry Abels' buro IAA has offices in Amsterdam and Twente (= Enschede), they have created two medical buildings in Leeuwarden and Twente (= Oldenzaal). It is almost a pleasure to walk in and that is so terribly lacking in our healthcare architecture right now. I was so happy to see that it can be a welcoming environment.'

Click here to watch the fragment of the interview with Tracy Metz, with her vision from 4:30 minutes.

Tracy Metz is a journalist and author on urban issues. She writes for NRC, De Groene Amsterdammer and Architectural Record and is a correspondent for the Radio1 programme Spraakmakers. She is director of the John Adams Institute, the centre for American culture in the Netherlands, and leads the live talkshow Stadsleven.

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