1. project

    The Brewhouse

    The Brewhouse - in the end the only Grolsch building that has been conserved at this location - actually consisted of 3 different buildings. It was not so much the architectural or historical value of these buildings, but rather the striking ensemble that was decisive for the redevelopment.

  2. project

    Living in the printing house

    At the site of former Amsterdam printing house Van Orsouw at the Oostenburgervoorstraat, a number of individuals have been able to realise a residential building on their own initiative by working together through …

  3. project

    Prins Bernhard Park

    Prince Bernhard Park is part of former military airport Twente, developed during the Second World War as Fliegerhorst. The now forested area contains a number of characteristic officer houses, an officers' mess and a …

  4. newsitem

    Realisation first solar park of Hoogeveen

    The municipality of Hoogeveen wants to be energy-neutral by 2040. To achieve this, the use and generation of sustainable energy is stimulated. NEO Energie was one of the initiators of the development of a solar park …

  5. project

    Erve Giegink

    Erve Giegink is located just outside of Borculo, to the northwest of the historic city centre. The plan area includes the yard and adjacent farmland, meadows and wood stands. The area lies along the historical …

  6. project

    Usseler Es

    To the southwest of Enschede lies the centuries-old Usseler Es, the largest wreath-field in Europe: a 160 ha convex field surrounded by a wreath of farms. The municipality of Enschede wants to transform the northern …

  7. newsitem

    Agreement MST old building renovation signed

    On Tuesday 17 February, the agreement was signed for the implementation of the revitalisation of the 'old' MST at the Haaksbergerstraat in Enschede. This is the start of the renovation of this building, and the 70s …