Realisation first solar park of Hoogeveen

  1. development
  2. transformation
  3. landscape architecture

The municipality of Hoogeveen wants to be energy-neutral by 2040. To achieve this, the use and generation of sustainable energy is stimulated. NEO Energie was one of the initiators of the development of a solar park two years ago. At the cloverleaf of Hoogeveen, on the so-called Oosterveld on the Alteveer side, the first solar park in the municipality of Hoogeveen was recently realised. The park at the Oosterveld is about 30 hectares large and will provide sustainable electricity to more than 6500 households. IAA Architecten designed the landscaping for this park and supervised the permit application.


The chosen plot of land was not in use as high quality agricultural land, and is close to large-scale infrastructure. In keeping with the location of the solar park, the integration of the landscape is twofold. The southern part connects to the wooded areas of the ash flank and the northern part has been kept open as much as possible. The northern part of the plot will remain open from the N48. This is the place where the view from the peat colonies to the planting on the ash is and will remain visible because no planting will be added to the landscape here. On part of the north side of the plot, a low ground wall will be constructed to soften the view from the landscape and the roads. The pond in the south-east corner of the plot will be maintained and will remain free of solar panels and vegetation.

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