Agreement MST old building renovation signed

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On Tuesday 17 February, the agreement was signed for the implementation of the revitalisation of the 'old' MST at the Haaksbergerstraat in Enschede. This is the start of the renovation of this building, and the 70s building will reappear fully fit and functional in 2018.

This building with the typical red window frames is located right next to the new construction of the MST, which is now nearing completion. It is part of the IAA master plan for the MST, and will be executed in the same team, with the same trusted partners. In time, the activities that are still taking place at the Ariƫnsplein location today, will move to the parts of the building that are now to be tackled. In addition to offices for staff and employees, there will be plenty of space in the 'new Haaksbergerstraat' for other care- and service providers, so that the entire MST plot will become one large-scale yet compact care boulevard.

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