Magazine article 'Renewal of St Jansdal hospital'

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The December issue of the Bouwen aan de Zorg magazine features an extensive article on how the St Jansdal hospital in Harderwijk is being flexibly remodelled and renewed with a master plan. On pages 50 to 52, the article discusses, among other things, the special collaboration of three women within the design team. Architect Michelle Booltink of IAA Architecten, structural engineer Lonneke van Haalen of ABT and Construction and Housing Manager Anita van der Haar of St Jansdal are working together on a future-proof hospital.


Van der Haar advocates for more women in construction: "A need for a healthy mix also exists in construction; construction offers a very nice and dynamic working environment for both men and women. We are hugely enthusiastic and quite keen to see more women in engineering. It's not just technical, it's also really cool and fun."

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