Renovation church Elver Nieuw-Wehl can begin

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  2. human environment
  3. empathy

The final design is completed and the permit has been applied for. If everything goes according to plan, renovation will start after the summer. The day care activities that are spread across the grounds will then move to the church and the spaces around it. The appearance of the church and rectory from the Nieuw Wehlseweg will remain largely the same, with a connecting corridor between the two buildings that will be extended into a garden greenhouse. The inside of the church remains very recognisable with the brick columns in sight and the high ceilings.

church outside
connecting corridor
church inside


At the back of the church, light is introduced mainly in the form of an extension. The glass facades give it a pleasant, calm and open feel. Not to mention... the connection with the outside. Something that is inseparable from the day care groups that will soon be housed here.

Animal snooze

New to day care in the church is an animal snooze. Animals have therapeutic value for clients. They appeal to one's feelings and provide comfort, warmth and safety. Participants enjoy touching animals, their smell, sounds, movements and the atmosphere.

The fact that this animal mess has a function not only for Elver is evident from the regular visits by Elver employees with their children, parents and grandparents with children from the neighbourhood, but also by pupils from schools in the neighbourhood for projects.

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