Fundraiser 2019 'Chance for a child'.

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Last night, the annual Fundraising Evening Chance for a Child was held in Landhuishotel & Restaurant De Bloemenbeek in De Lutte. The highlight of the evening was the auction led by Bert Eeftink, the net proceeds of which will go entirely to the fulfillment of wishes of children from Twente who have a hard time due to illness or another cause. As a lot, IAA Architecten submitted a complete interior advice that was auctioned off for € 4200.


Foundation Chance for a Child fulfils the individual wishes of children from Twente. These children do not have an easy life because of a physical or mental illness or because of social or societal circumstances. Of course, these children are also entitled to happiness. Foundation Chance for a Child wants to contribute to this by fulfilling heart's desires. Since its inception in 2002, Chance for a Child has grown considerably. This applies to the number of wishes fulfilled, fundraising activities and collaborations with, for example, schools and hospitals.

IAA Architecten and CSR

IAA Architecten has presented the interior advice as an auction lot free of charge as an expression of its vision on corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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