VR ensures successful viewing day at Elver, Arnhem

  1. Virtual Reality
  2. innovation
  3. human environment

The residents of the Elver location Kemperbergerweg / Bakensbergseweg were able to see and experience the new construction plans for themselves last Friday. IAA Architecten had brought panels with floor plans and facades for the viewing day, but above all it was possible to take a virtual look. The special 3D glasses brought the design to life: the Virtual Reality (VR) gave the residents a lifelike experience. Taking a look around their as yet unbuilt rooms, that had never been done before.


Looking around in a not yet realised design? It's possible, with Virtual Reality. IAA Architecten has been investigating the possibilities of VR for Architecture for several years now. We convert our designs into 3-dimensional spaces that, when using 3D glasses, give a lifelike experience of the functionality and appearance of a design.

The scale and spaciousness of the design can be experienced before any shovel has even touched the ground. One can walk through the building, look around and experience the spaces. With this application, questions can be answered, such as: Is there enough overview in the department', 'Isn't this living room too big?', or 'Does the division of spaces that we came up with together actually work in our daily practice?'

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