Construction Oranjepark in Ermelo commenced

  1. human environment
  2. apartment block
  3. care centre

Today is the official start of Oranjepark, a new, energy-neutral residential care location in the middle of Ermelo. The construction of phase 1 has already started: a residential care building with 20 apartments and 40 nursing home spaces + storage facilities, parking spaces and health centre. The client is Care Group Noordwest-Veluwe who owns the land on which Oranjepark will be located: the Dillenburg, the now demolished Rehoboth building and the land of the current Oranjepark. Adjacent to the residential care centre, the care group is building the Neighbourhood Room. This will form the beating heart of Oranjepark, where everyone is welcome.


The redevelopment of the sites has accelerated because the care group needs new, modern care homes in the short term. After that, a diversity of housing developments will start at Oranjepark: from social housing to owner-occupied homes in various price ranges. The spatial vision explicitly addresses the coherent (green) outdoor spaces between the buildings and their significance for the whole of Ermelo. The redevelopment thus offers opportunities for promoting encounters and community involvement.

The source of inspiration for this is the Libenau principle: a German concept to which multi-generational neighbourhoods and social cohesion are central. But then translated and tailored to the Dutch and local circumstances.

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