elderly care

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    Festive opening Ariënshuis in Glanerbrug

    On Friday 8 November 2013, new residential care centre Ariënshuis in Glanerbrug was festively opened by drs. Ank Bijleveld-Schouten, commissioner of the King in Overijssel. BIM When the construction started in …

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    Official Completion The Weggeler, Almelo

    The Weggeler residential care complex was officially completed on Tuesday 15 April. In early spring there had already been an open day for the public, but now the building is really finished. The Weggeler will be a …

  3. project

    Residential care centre St. Elizabeth

    A small complex with matching housing for 40 residents with psychogeriatric disorders and 24 residents with somatic complaints. In addition, there are 24 places for rehabilitation on an outpatient basis.

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    Care campus Wissehaege

    Vitalis WoonZorg Groep (Vitalis LivingCare Group) has nursing homes, rehabilitation centres and apartment complexes in different locations in Brabant and Limburg and offers services to seniors in the area of living, …

  5. project

    't Haarhuus

    In just 50 years, 't Haarhuus in Westerhaar has grown from a nursing home on the P.M. Hackstraat into a contemporary residential care complex on the Oranjestraat. The new complex consists of two buildings with a …

  6. project

    The Zonnestraal

    Residential care centre De Zonnestraal is a joint project of housing corporation WBO Wonen and health care institution Sint Maarten which was conducted in order to be able to cope with the ageing population in the De …