Henk Gersen guest speaker at congress Living and Care

  1. elderly care

On March 23, the conference Living and Care, at which the latest developments in this field will be discussed, will be held at the Leyhoeve in Tilburg. During the congress, innovations and opportunities for the future in the field of care property are discussed.

Henk Gersen has been invited to speak at the conference, which includes the following topics: financing, home automation, superfluous real estate, vacancy opportunities, the separation of living and care and how to deal with housing.

Because of the current political policy and the fact that we want to, can and have to live independently for longer, the separation of living and care has come about. Also, care intensity package indications 1 to 3 are no longer included in care. Innovative developments are needed to turn the challenges we face into structural solutions.

You can read more about the Congres: Living & Care here

Here, you can register for the Congres on 23 March

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