Official Completion The Weggeler, Almelo

  1. brick
  2. care centre
  3. architecture
  4. integral design
  5. meticulous and reliable
  6. social engagement

The Weggeler residential care complex was officially completed on Tuesday 15 April. In early spring there had already been an open day for the public, but now the building is really finished. The Weggeler will be a meeting place for elderly people in need of care. The emphasis will be on living, and contact will be sought with the outside world in various ways. The car park is located at the rear of the building, leaving space for a large entrance area for the main entrance, provided with a lawn with benches and trees. Inside as well as outside of the complex, there are various walking routes and seating areas, in the sun and shade, where residents can meet and grandchildren can play.


Meeting each other in a homely atmosphere

A homely atmosphere has been created inside the residential care complex. The lighting and choice of materials are geared to this and each apartment has its own unique front door. The atrium is the central meeting place and connects the different floors. In addition to this courtyard, there are several other meeting places, such as common open spaces, day-care, conservatories, a billiard table with sitting area and smaller seats. People can therefore meet each other in different ways and undertake activities together.

Optimistic and friendly

For the exterior, we have tried to create a non-institutional but more accessible and optimistic building. The building has rounded corners, giving it a soft, friendly appearance. The facades are strongly determined by the user. The low parapets around the atrium and the windows in the outside wall ensure that the wheelchair user also has a good view. The balcony gate is specially designed for The Weggeler and consists of twisted strips. The effect is that the balcony is closed at the bottom and open at the top, so that privacy is guaranteed, but the residents do have a view from their apartment and balcony.

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