Grand Stand Wagener Stadium: 3rd prize Non-residential construction architecture prize Amstelveen

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Amstelveen aldermen Bot and Veeningen announced the audience awards yesterday: the new grand stand has won the 3rd prize in the category of Non-residential construction. As one of the contributors motivated his choice: "Wagener Stadium, what a practical, yet stylish design. Resurrected from the clay. A place to look at, to behold and to contemplate. Magnificent..."


In the new construction of the stadium, a few simple interventions have been made with a limited budget, which soften the already pleasant feeling functional steel construction and provide it with a human dimension. The stadium consists of a clear spatiality with a functional construction that is clad with a simple but ingenious shell, which fits well in the context of the Amsterdam forest. A visit to the building makes it clear that this is the first phase of a project that ultimately will result in a complete stadium with a very special spatial quality. The nomination of this complex is therefore a few years too early.

Amstelveense Architectuurprijs Oorkonde

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