Sustainable expansion plan for Wagener Stadium

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The terms flexible & circular, responsible choice of materials and a compact construction process characterise the design of the second phase of the Wagener Stadium, which, upon completion, can rightly be called the most sustainable stadium in the Netherlands. The extension consists of prefabricated, remountable grandstands without any user spaces, with the exception of a storage space for the maintenance machines of the sports park. The design also takes into account an increase in capacity at large events from approximately 5,000 to 10,000 spectators with temporary stands.


The construction of the new grandstands is ideally suited to a prefabricated construction method. All components, steel construction and grandstand elements, are manufactured in a factory and assembled on the building site. The result is a short construction time and minimal inconvenience to the environment.

The structure has been designed to be completely remountable, meaning that materials are used in the purest form (wood, concrete and steel) so that they can be disassembled again without mixing or degradation of the material. This means that, if necessary, the grandstands can be easily rebuilt at another location. In the choice of materials, those with the C2C label (= Cradle to Cradle) are preferred. This certificate indicates that the materials used have been produced in a responsible manner and can be reused.

Download the notes to the sustainable design here!

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