MST Oldenzaal festively opened!

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Last Saturday March 4th, the newly renovated MST Oldenzaal was opened during a festive ceremony. The prominent Heil der Kranken (Salvation of the Sick) has served as a hospital since 1918 and has been extensively rebuilt and expanded several times over the years. During the past two years, the hospital has again been thoroughly restored. The design reflects the design of new Medical Spectrum Twente (MST) constructions in Enschede and is characterised lots of natural light, colours and materials. Authentic details such as the stained glass windows and the characteristic veranda have been preserved and restored.

Vooraanzicht groen


Because the hospital had to stay in operation during the renovation and new construction, the building was renovated, demolished and rebuilt in a comprehensively phased plan. By moving the main entrance to the west side of the monumental Heil der Kranken, a spacious and light atrium could be realised, in which a.o. the restaurant and central reception desk are now located. A representative spot for the hospital, offering space for reception, meeting and relaxation and contributing to one's orientation during a visit to the hospital.

centrale hal
Nieuwbouwdeel opening

Essential care still nearby

During the design process, it was investigated how the existing hospital could not only be renovated, but could also be more efficiently adapted to processes that characterise contemporary care. In the end, this has resulted in a hospital in which all basic care is available, in order to be able to still offer essential care close to home. This also includes more complex treatments that can be performed within a day, such as intestinal examinations, and cataract surgery in the specially designed eye surgery room. For more comprehensive medical procedures, patients from the area will have to go to Enschede. With around 80,000 outpatient visits a year, MST Oldenzaal has fulfilled an important role for years. Due to the renovation and new construction, this will continue to be possible in the future.

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