Former pumping station reborn as art space

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In Bronkhorst, Gelderland, a former pumping station was reborn as an art space this spring. Commissioned by Stichting Kunstgemaal, IAA Architecten has converted the ground floor of the existing house into a flexible exhibition space, with an extension for a small café-restaurant on the north side. The first floor has been converted into a residence for an 'artist in residence'.

Because the house and extension are on a primary water barrier, no digging in the dike was allowed, so the extension is based on a number of linked sea containers. The chosen constellation adapts to the shape of the dike and forms a small inlet at the main entrance, so that a formidable cherry tree could be preserved. The cafe area is shallow but very wide and so offers as many guests as possible the particularly beautiful, panoramic view of the river, the floodplains and the Veluwe. At the front, a veranda is positioned over the entire width of the space.

Het Kunstgemaal

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