Festive opening Municipal Tax Office Twente (GBTwente)

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On June 26, 2019, Almelo alderman Langius and director Toet officially opened the new GBTwente office building in Hengelo. Before that, GBTwente (then GBT) was housed in the city office of Hengelo, but to emphasise the independence and new identity of GBTwente, a separate building was necessary. GBTwente now has an open office environment at the Demmersweg in Hengelo with an informal atmosphere based on an interior design by IAA Architecten. The corporate identity was created by design agency Vanille. We wish GBTwente much enjoyment of their new working environment!


In three workshops and just three weeks time, a completely new interior was designed together with GBTwente (and within the available budget!), which seamlessly matches the new identity. Due to excellent cooperation between all parties involved, it was possible for GBTwente to move in two weeks early. In addition, the office makes a special way of working possible: working in a spot-independent manner. This means that you sit down at a spot where you can work best, suited to the type of work, i.e. in an open part of the building or, on the contrary, in a space where you can concentrate well.

Tax office for different municipalities

GBTwente has been determining the WOZ (real-estate) value for ten municipalities since 2009 and takes care of the process of levying and collecting taxes. GBTwente does this for Almelo, Berkelland, Borne, Bronckhorst, Enschede, Haaksbergen, Hengelo, Losser, Oldenzaal and Twenterand. More than half a million inhabitants live in the catchment area, for whom GBTwente provides more than 300,000 tax assessments annually.

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