Supervision of the construction of five buildings

The Borkel

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De Borkel in Gorssel is a residential care centre that was completely renewed and expanded in two phases over recent years by Habion in collaboration with care organisation Sutfene. There are places for people who need care (clients with psychogeriatric problems and clients with somatic problems), for people who need nursing and rental apartments in which people can live independently.


The new De Borkel consists of 34 care places + 24 nursing places in buildings A and B. In buildings D, E, F and H, there are 60 independent rental apartments for the elderly. The buildings A, B, D, E and F were designed by Maas Architecten from Lochem, in which IAA Architecten designed the interior for building A.

Traditionally Tendered

The new construction and expansion have been traditionally put out to tender and carried out as a single project by Contractor company Hegeman from Nijverdal (architectural and coordination) and Van Dorp from Deventer (E- and W-installations).

Activities by IAA Engineering

  • Supervision of the construction during the new construction and renovation phase: management, checking of the working drawings by the consultants and builders, including supervision of the construction.

Photography: Consultancy firm for installation and control technology Bongers/Jansen

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