State of affairs at Elver Bakenbergseweg

  1. architecture
  2. care centre
  3. construction management

Construction is going well at the site of organisation Elver at the Bakenbergseweg in Arnhem. Since 1 October 2020, construction company KlaassenGroep has been hard at work at the Kemperbergerweg and Bakenbergseweg sites where a new home is being built for over 100 residents. IAA Architecten designed the buildings and is providing project management during construction.

Phased implementation

Construction is being carried out in phases to reduce the number of moving instances for the residents. They are looking forward to moving into their new home. And they will be able to follow the construction closely, as they will continue to live at their familiar and unique spot in Arnhem. Close to the city and near a beautiful nature reserve.

Drone image: KlaassenGroep

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