New construction project Elver in Arnhem officially launched

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The new construction project of care organisation Elver in Arnhem-North was officially launched on 1 October. A new home is being built for more than 100 residents at the Kemperbergerweg and Bakenbergseweg locations. IAA Architecten designed the buildings and will provide project management during construction. After signing the building contract, director Irma Harmelink, together with residents Vanessa (the second youngest resident) and Dick (the second oldest resident), gave the go-ahead by starting the demolition of the old vacant buildings.


This marks Elver's next step in realising the replacement of over 80% of its existing buildings. Like in Nieuw-Wehl and Doetinchem, cooperation has been sought with Bouwbedrijf KlaassenGroep and Wassink Installatie. Most of Elver's third new construction project is for the current 85 residents. The remaining 16 studios are for new residents who have indicated they would like to live with Elver at this location. In the new building, all residents will have more private space in the form of their own studio or flat, each with its own sanitary facilities. The groups of eight residents can seek each other's company in the spacious and cosy communal living room.

Phased implementation

Construction will be carried out in phases to reduce the number of times current residents have to move. They are looking forward to moving into their new home. And they will be able to follow the construction closely, as they will continue to live at their familiar and unique spot in Arnhem. Close to the city and near a beautiful nature reserve.

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