Building management for Elver Nieuw-Wehl

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  2. care centre
  3. construction management

In September 2019, work was commenced on the new construction of the Waterlelies and De Vijver from Elver in Nieuw-Wehl. Nine months later, despite the Corona crisis, the houses are structurally ready. IAA Engineering provided the building management for the project, with a design by Weusten Liedenbaum Architects, installation consultant Enervisie and structural engineer Triops Advies. Implementing parties were KlaassenGroep and Wassink Installatie.


The upcoming period will be used to make the houses ready to live in, so that the residents can enjoy their new accommodation in the beginning of June 2020. This is the first step in Elver's major investment plan to renovate the housing for its residents.

The new home on the site in Nieuw-Wehl consists of three residential units, two of which are small-scale group homes for four residents where constant proximity to supervision is desired. The third home is suitable for a group of eight residents.

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