Construction Cruquius 2.2 Sigma progressing at a fast pace

  1. residential construction
  2. commercial buildings
  3. municipal monument

A future occupant of block F has made a beautiful overview photo of the Cruquius 2.2 Sigma construction process with a drone. It is clear to see that the new construction is going well on this part of the Eastern Docklands.


New buildings are built around the existing buildings in an appropriate industrial style, with homes in both the owner-occupier and rental sectors, both stacked and ground-connected. This way, separate buildings are created with a balanced division between old and new and respect for the monument, with various sightlines between the buildings.

The differentiation in building height of the surrounding buildings ensures that the elevated monument is clearly visible. By creating lower buildings on the south side, a gradual build-up is created. The project comprises 77 dwellings with 53 parking spaces at and below ground level.

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