New construction Cruquius 2.2 Sigma nearing completion

  1. residential construction
  2. commercial buildings
  3. municipal monument

The new construction on the Sigma site at Cruquius in Amsterdam is nearing completion. The design by IAA Architecten i.c.w. Abels & Partners for Koopmans Bouwgroep and Amvest consists of 34 owner-occupied dwellings, 43 rented dwellings, commercial spaces and a parking garage. Revitalisation of existing iconic buildings combined with new construction is creating a special place in Amsterdam.

Escape stairs


Special attention should be payed to the stunning execution of the escape stairs in the new construction: without a design in BIM, this would not have been possible! The prefabricated spiral-shaped stairs were cast in one piece and fitted precisely into the emergency stairwell.

Bird's eye view
Looking up

Construction on top of the former paint factory

A steel skeleton was built on the roof of the former paint factory for the two new residential floors. It is a sturdy structure that blends seamlessly with the original building in terms of design.

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