IAA Engineering does building management for Elver Nieuw-Wehl

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After the summer, Elver is taking a first step towards the construction of a new three-unit house in Nieuw-Wehl. At the beginning of next year, the new building should provide a safe and sheltered place for one existing group and two new housing groups to be set up. With this, Elver is making a start on the planned and extensive rebuilding and new construction process, in which more than eighty percent of all real estate must be replaced within ten years. Commissioned by Elver, IAA Engineering is carrying out the construction management for this special project .


The new location on the site in Nieuw-Wehl consists of three housing units, one of which offers replacement housing to an already existing group of residents. The other housing units are complementary. The new accommodation offers space for two small-scale group homes for four residents, for which constant proximity of supervision is desirable. The third house (home) is suitable for a group of eight residents.

Multiple projects

Elver has been working on the planning of new and rebuilt buildings for some time now. In addition to the plans for three residential units in Nieuw-Wehl, construction in Arnhem-Noord and Doetinchem is also at an advanced stage. The move to the former Rabobank building in Wehl will start as soon as the landlord has completed the renovation.

In the photo from left to right: Martien te Molder (manager KlaasenGroep), Irma Harmelink (director Elver) and Derk Wassink (general manager Wassink Installatie) sign the contract for the housing units.

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