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  1. project

    Erve Mensman

    New residential care centre Erve Mensman on the edge of the rural village of Geesteren, lies next to authentic farm Erve Maathuis, where the buildings slowly merge into the 'essenlandschap' (ashtree landscape). Erve …

  2. project

    Widening of the A1 between Apeldoorn and Azelo

    Rijkswaterstaat (the Ministry of Public Works & Waterways) is going to broaden the A1 motorway between Apeldoorn and junction Azelo. In order to properly integrate the route, an integration vision has been drawn …

  3. project

    Arcus College

    A building complex that lies partly inside a slope. Above the ground, at the level of the Valkenburgerweg, six small buildings are situated around a large patio in a campus set-up. Underground lie the parking garage and the common teaching areas, serving as communicating vessels that allow for the desired amount of shrinkage and growth.

  4. newsitem

    Redevelopment Raalte town centre started

    Since 31 October, infra-contractor Klink-Nijland has been working to revamp the centre of Raalte according to the layout plan by IAA Architecten. The contractor has started underground work at the Grote Markt to then …

  5. newsitem

    Workshop during 'Day of Boskamp'

    Boskamp - a small village with 1,400 inhabitants near Olst - is changing: two primary schools have closed down and the church will be withdrawn from worship in 2025. What can be done to keep the village liveable and …

  6. newsitem

    Facelift for centre of Raalte

    Yesterday, IAA Architecten presented three scenarios for the redevelopment of the Grote Markt and the Plas in collaboration with the municipality of Raalte. It should become cosier, radiate more unity and, moreover, …

  7. article


    Each design assignment consists of an essential question or problem. Our focus is on our client and their assignment. Because of our years of experience we are experts from within, particularly with regard to …

  8. project

    Town centre plan

    Raalte's town centre is in need of a new impulse: the spatial quality and attractiveness could be improved. The centre also has little green space, making it vulnerable to the effects of climate change. In a number …

  9. project

    Children's Day Centre De Toermalijn

    The Aveleijn Foundation is a care organisation that offers day care and various forms of living to over 2.500 clients with a (mental) disability in Twente and part of the Achterhoek area. The foundation managed a day …