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  1. article

    Integral design

    IAA Architects is one of the few agencies in the Netherlands harbouring all essential disciplines that enable her to actually design completely integrally. From urban planning and landscape to architecture, from …

  2. project

    SJHT Walhofstraat

    On this small plot, 12 apartments are housed on three floors of a newly developed building. To make the building appear smaller and to connect it to its surroundings, the corners are cut at an angle. The characteristic little residential building is completely covered with slate stone.

  3. newsitem

    Opening City Campus Enschede

    On Wednesday 2 September, Commissioner of the King of Overijssel, Mrs Ank Bijleveld, festively opened the brand new City Campus of Saxion University. The opening of this new building ensemble marks the provisional …

  4. project

    Saxion Art and Technology

    The glass expansion of textile school De Maere carries the name Epy Drost. The building is the new link in the expansion of Saxion University Enschede's City Campus.

  5. project

    St. Nicholas Monastery

    To the north of the built-up area of Denekamp lies the St. Nicolas monastery, which, in the 20th century has grown into an educational and care complex. Three areas can be recognised on the monastery grounds: around …

  6. project

    Op de Bleek

    After the bankruptcy of the Royal Textile Finishing Industry in Eibergen in 2005, the factory complex needed a new purpose. The 14-hectare area, including the site of the former Prakke factory and part of the De Maat …