New dementia friendly homes in Ariensstaete

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Last Wednesday, 22 August 2018, health care institution Liberein opened its renewed nursing unit for people suffering from dementia on the Ariƫnsstaete location at the Lijsterstraat in Enschede. The change consists of a transition to small-scale living groups, a new interior design and the use of the latest technologies in the field of home automation. On Monday 27 August 2018, the first residents will be able to move into their new home.


Until last year, nursing unit De Kolibrie consisted of 19 apartments with a large hall that served as a living room. In recent months, this living environment has been converted into 24 apartments spread over three departments with the names Bosuil, Spreeuw and Goudvink. Each department has its own living room and team of care workers, which makes the care small-scale and personal.

The three departments each have their own colour palette, which means that the residents are less likely to get lost, according to location manager Mariƫlle Steffens. The design of the departments is also aimed at the elderly by imitating their home setting as much as possible.

Experience Hall with 'train compartment'

The hall that connects the three departments has been converted into an experience hall with different themes. On the wall, floor-high photos of famous places in Enschede are hung and a real train compartment is placed here, in which residents can sit and look 'out the window' at a slowly moving landscape.

Home Automation

All rooms are secured with sensors. This enables care workers to check, if necessary, when a resident gets out of bed, goes to the bathroom or has fallen. Cameras also monitor whether a resident leaves the room.

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