Integrated approach: much better results for the same money

  1. integral design

In the 4 February 2021 issue of VG Vision, architect Marko Matic argues for a fundamental discussion about the profession of architecture. "By thinking holistically, we can be more valuable in fulfilling major social tasks. What is architecture about? Is it the pretty picture, or do we want to mean more?" Because society is becoming increasingly complex and the demands made on the built environment are increasing rapidly. This requires new ways of thinking and working.


IAA Architecten started as an alliance of engineers and architects over 50 years ago, and that integrated approach is more topical than ever in today's complex world, says Marko Matic. Reason enough to embrace the philosophy even more firmly and embed it in the company's operations in a contemporary way. This led to the decision not to go along with the trend of architecture firms focusing purely on design and leaving the technology to other professionals. "We are not a design firm, but a collective for solving complex social problems."

Delivering added value

"As an architect, you can think up nice things, but they have to be feasible constructively and installation-wise. That is why we put together an integral, multidisciplinary team as early as possible and bring the discussion to the beginning. This results in surprising designs that fit within the set frameworks such as budget, location and functionality. That way, you avoid problems and can add more value. "

You can read the complete article in VG Vision here!

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