Golden Phoenix for transformation ROC Twente

  1. MBO (Intermediate Vocational Education)
  2. award
  3. listed building
  4. secondary school

The Golden Phoenix is a prize of the National Renovation Platform, which is awarded annually in 3 categories: area transformation, renovation and transformation.

IAA Architecten has won the Golden Phoenix 2011 in the category Transformation with the project ROC Twente in Hengelo. This prize was awarded on 7 June during the Provada real estate exhibition in the RAI in Amsterdam. Architect - Director Harry Abels received the prize from Femke Halsema.

Jury report

"The old Stork Foundry Hall has been incorporated into the new ROC Twente in an exemplary and dignified manner. The jury praises the courage with which the ROC has dared to make this industrial heritage the heart of its educational practice. The enormous hall was not filled up but remained as open as possible, maintaining the long sightlines in such a way that the old atmosphere can still be felt very well. This transformation has resulted in a meaningful re-use of important heritage, a unique character for the school and the strengthening of the railway area on the way to a new life.

The location of the large ROC on this site has a strong influence on the redevelopment of the entire area. In the opinion of the jury, the historical elements have been excellently preserved and combined with the new wings. These wings are located on the site of the former side aisles, which are less important from a constructional and cultural-historical point of view. As a result, the original structure has remained recognisable. This is not a compromise with the past but a clear view of the future, a form of re-use that deserves encouragement because without such modern re-use, these industrial halls have little chance of survival."

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