For 50 years the needs of our customers have always come first

Spatial issues are not isolated. By listening carefully to the needs of the client, by trying to fully understand the social context, the location, the user's needs and by linking all of this to our expertise, we are able to provide an appropriate response, which creates a functional, artistic and technical added value for our clients.

Designing and building are things you do together

Each new project, we start a process together with our client in which the architecture is not a self contained objective, but rather the result of an intensive and fruitful collaboration. In many cases our design solutions have contributed to the renewal or enhancement of an organisation, created a valuable environment, a representative building or interior.

Passion for the Profession

Our projects require technical knowledge, design skills, vision, persuasion, empathy, tenacity, decisiveness, experience and social responsibility. As IAA Architects, we are able to assist our clients in intensely complex projects. We do this by offering our expertise across the board, but especially with care and love for the profession.