From Sluijmer, to Ingenieurs Architekten Associatie, to IAA Architecten

IAA Architecten was founded in 1968 in Enschede as a result of the merger of an architectural firm and a consulting engineering firm. The new combination was given the name Ingenieurs/Architekten Associatie, abbreviated to I/AA.

Soon, the firm grew further as a result of several mergers and simultaneously expanded its services with other disciplines. This then consisted of architecture, interior architecture, construction, mechanical, electrical & housing advice, urban planning and landscape. To be able to work closer to the clients, branches were opened in other cities: Almelo, Delft, Kampen, Maastricht and Zwolle. Meanwhile, the firm had been given the definitive name IAA Architecten.

Since our specialisation in the education and care sector in the long run did not require an office 'right around the corner' anymore, the offices in Kampen, Maastricht and Zwolle were closed and the Delft branch was merged into Olll Architecten. After a successful period in Almelo, the entire office eventually moved to the Enschede location because of synergy benefits. At the beginning of the 21st century a new office was opened in Amsterdam.

Today, IAA Architecten focuses on the fields of architecture, interior architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture.

Partners of IAA Architecten since 1968

IAA Architecten

Hans Sluijmer (1968 to 1984), Boelen Sassen (1968 to 1983), Henk Fokkema (1968 to 1992), Boy Wendrich (1969 to 1994), Henri Meulenbelt (1971 to 1993), Ton Mensink (1982 to 2007), Bart van den Bos (1992 to 2010), Harry Klunder (1994 to 2010), Harry Abels (2000 to 2018), Gerrit Wijnia (2000 to 2009), Henk Gersen (2003 - present), André Jekel (2008 to 2012), Paul Wolters (2008 to 2015), Marieke Blanken (2010 to 2019), Erik Workel (2014 - present), Theo de Bruijn (2019 - present), Paul de Brie (2019 - present), Marko Matic (2019 - present), Jeroen Nijmeijer (2019 - present), Peter Roelvink (2019 - present).

IAA Architects | Urban planning and Landscape

Jan Astrego (2001 to 2009), Jeroen Jansen (2010 to 2013), Theo de Bruijn (2014 to 2019).