Dr. Eng. Theo de Bruijn

Partner Urban Development and Landscape - Director | Professor Sustainability Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Location Enschede


As a management expert, I might seem quite the fish out of water at IAA Architects. This, however, is not the case. Our agency houses so many different disciplines that it can handle each possible spatial issue. As an organisation, we can be a partner in any issue a client might have. We think along with the client, add our specific expertise and can shape that which the client intends. That, to me, is what 'full service' really means.

Each spatial design obtains its final form within a network of stakeholders. From my background as a management expert, I can advise a client how to operate in such a process, to which degree to show concreteness or conversely, to look at the full range of possibilities by providing alternatives. Which parties should you involve, how do you shape the process, who are you going to include in the discussions, what are the arguments, how can you determine whether an idea is viable. How do you reach a solution that satisfies you as a client as well as the others parties involved?

Within IAA Architects there is a strong focus on sustainability. My extensive experience in this field, including as Professor of Sustainable Development at Saxion University, can be of great value for a client: together we can take steps to make the living environment future-proof. Also in the fields of urban and rural development, I can support a client with my knowledge and research experience. Themes include for example, vacancy in offices and inner cities and the transformation of existing residential and industrial areas.