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  1. project

    Residential building construction in Almere Haven West

    As part of the municipality of Almere's development plan, IAA Architects has been commissioned by Koopmans TBI to create a design for affordable housing. Divided over construction areas D and F, 102 residences have been developed: 20 owner-occupied residences and 82 social housing residences, 54 of them houses and 28 apartments.

  2. project

    The Brewhouse

    The Brewhouse - in the end the only Grolsch building that has been conserved at this location - actually consisted of 3 different buildings. It was not so much the architectural or historical value of these buildings, but rather the striking ensemble that was decisive for the redevelopment.

  3. project

    Kralingen apartment complex

    The Lusthofstraat in Kralingen had been a major shopping and residential street until the bombing of Rotterdam in May 1940, when the western part of the street was largely lost. In Basisplan Herbouw Binnenstad …

  4. newsitem

    Start construction student housing in Potsdam

    In the vicinity of the University of Potsdam Campus Golm in Germany, Van Wijnen is constructing student housing designed by IAA Architects. To the northwest of the district Am Herzberg, a total of 423 apartments will …

  5. article

    Role definition

    The role of the architect is changing: besides being contractor, we are increasingly becoming initiators of special projects. As process supervisors of CPO processes, we find ourselves at the forefront of intense but …

  6. project

    IJsbaan Twente

    By applying various techniques, this ice rink is extremely sustainable and energy efficient.