Largest construction project in Enschede ever commenced

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The city of Enschede's largest construction project ever, MST hospital, has commenced on Wednesday 7 November. The complex, designed by IAA Architecten, is primarily to be energy efficient.

The new Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST) building will be 78,400 square metres in size and have 620 beds. According to management, the new building will have a strikingly large number of single rooms. The building will be erected directly next to the old building in the centre of Enschede.

Energy efficient

Commissioned by the MST Board of Directors, IAA Architecten has designed a structural plan for the new construction as well as for the extension of the hospital complex. The new hospital is to be sustainable and energy efficient. Among other things, use is made of concrete core activation, combined with heat and cold storage (CHP) and heat pumps.

The design of the new construction is characterised by a comb structure, which is covered with a large dome. This way, IAA Architecten creates large courtyards, with spatial and functional added value for the building. The Woman and Child Centre, designed by the same firm, which was inaugurated in 2008, is also part of the complex.

The existing site will remain in operation during the entire construction process and will retain its function even after completion of the new building. Another MST building elsewhere in the city will be used for other purposes after the new building has been put into use. The fact that the building site is located in the city centre and that the existing site will continue to function throughout, requires a careful coordination of the working method and logistical planning. For example, it has been decided that suppliers gather at a location just outside the city and will be notified at the moment that they are allowed to enter the building site.

The MST will be developed and built by construction consortium Dura Vermeer/Trebbe/te Pas Bouw MST V.O.F., in a construction team with installation consortium Unica, Croon and Wolter & Dros. Arup will provide construction physical advice, construction installation advice, lighting design and fire safety.

The intensive cooperation should lead to lower failure costs, a reduction in construction costs and an acceleration of the construction time.

This is the largest construction project ever, not only in the city of Enschede, but also within the entire region of Twente. The construction costs of MST, one of the largest non-academic hospitals in the Netherlands, amount to approximately 239 million euros. Completion is scheduled for the end of July 2015.

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