Kampus, building full of talent is being realised!

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  2. MBO (Intermediate Vocational Education)
  3. training

Apart from a new construction, the Vakopleidingscentrum West-Twente at the Reggesingel in Rijssen will also be getting a new name. The centre will be called Kampus with the addition of 'building full of talent'. The first pile for the new construction will be put into the ground in the middle of 2021, so that ROC van Twente, REMO, Bouwmensen (formerly: Bouwgilde) and Zorggilde can offer ample vocational education from the 2022-2023 school year onwards.


With this new construction, the technical education sector, in cooperation with the business community, wants to be ready for the future in order to continue to appeal to and educate new generations in technology. In addition, it is expected that bringing together the various courses will lead to a synergy in terms of content.

IAA Architecten is working together with Kleissen Bouwmanagement en Advies on this project commissioned by Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed.

Promotional film "KAMPUS building full of talent"

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