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    Arcus College completed

    Arcus College in Heerlen was completed on 6 May. Within a spacious square-shaped plot, six semicircular buildings have been situated against the edges of this plot, facing each other. They look like melon slices or …

  2. project

    Town Hall Berkelland

    The existing town hall is an architectural icon and a landmark for Borculo. While preserving the original qualities, it has been carefully renovated and expanded at the back. For the expansion, the differences in height of the site were used, so that the three building layers remain lower than the existing Alberts & Van Huut building.

  3. project

    The Green Factory

    The Eo Wijers Foundation is an independent network that aims to contribute to improving the spatial quality of the Netherlands on a regional level. To this end, the foundation organises competitions to promote and …