1. project

    A New Construction for Rabobank

    According to the Raiffeisen principles, Rabobank Enschede-Haaksbergen was the first bank in the Netherlands in 1896. From a small credit cooperative at the Raiffeisenstraat in Lonneker (now Enschede) Raiffeisen Bank, …

  2. newsitem

    Overhang Saxion Hogeschool Enschede nominated

    Zinkinfo Benelux, the trade association for thermal galvanisation companies in the Benelux, has nominated the overhang for the Benelux Trophy for Thermal Galvanising 2017 in the category of Characteristic steel …

  3. newsitem

    Certification ISO 9001 continued

    After a positive external audit by Kiwa we are proud of the fact that IAA Architects has been re-certified according to the standard NEN-EN-ISO 9001, version 2015 (the successor to version 2008). ISO 9001 is the …

  4. project

    Textile School De Maere

    Higher Textile School De Maere was built in Enschede in 1922 as a combination of a learning school with (classrooms) and a learning factory at the rear of the building, where practical lessons could be followed in a …

  5. newsitem

    Expansion Tearoom Wattez in Enschede completed

    The extension of Tearoom Wattez in the former gardener's house in the G.J. van Heekpark has been successfully completed. The tearoom is a day-care location of care organisation Aveleijn, where, under guidence, …

  6. project

    Construction New FC Twente Stadium

    In August 1956, multifunctional stadium Het Diekman was opened in the equally named sports park on the east side of Enschede . The outdoor stadium could hold 22,000 people, seating 5,500 of them. As was usual in …

  7. project

    IJsbaan Twente

    By applying various techniques, this ice rink is extremely sustainable and energy efficient.